Tenacious undergoing her sail trials in the year 2000Welcome to Save Tall Ship Tenacious!

SV Tenacious is a unique Tall Ship. Designed and purpose built for, and by, a mixed ability crew. She is the only Tall Ship in the world where disabled and non-disabled shipmates work together to crew the ship.

SV Tenacious is currently for sale, and the Save Tall Ship Tenacious campaign, the group behind this website, is focused on raising awareness about our wonderful ship and finding an individual or organisation with the vision and resources to operate her.

Why save Tenacious?

Many former voyage crew felt devasted when the news came through in mid-December 2023 that the Jubilee Sailing Trust had ceased operations. There seemed to be little that could be done, but a group of people who decided that doing nothing was not an option joined together, determined to do everything they could to save Tenacious, the ship that has provided so many people with adventures, friends and priceless memories.

Tenacious is currently in Sharpness dock, and is in generally a good condition but needs regulatory surveys and certification before she can sail again. Investment will be needed to buy the ship and ready her for sailing. It is also likely that some level of annual financial support will be needed depending on the operating model adopted. More information on this can be found in the Business Plan referred to later.

The Save Tenacious campaign is working on raising awareness about our wonderful ship and the life changing possibilities she offers. The main aims of the campaign are as follows:

    • To raise awareness of this unique ship, the only tall ship in service that was designed and built by and for a mixed ability crew, and make as many people as possible understand the impact of sailing on SV Tenacious.
    • To attract the interest and support of a wealthy individual or foundation that would support and develop a new sustainable operating model for SV Tenacious.
    • To offer knowledge and support to any new owner/operator of Tenacious to ensure the ship continues to be accessible to all.

The Save Tall Ship Tenacious campaign is not focused on raising the money to buy and operate her because of the large costs and operating complexities involved. The solution to getting Tenacious sailing again lies with an individual or organisation with the vision and resources to operate her. This is a priceless opportunity for someone to do something that is truly unique: get Tenacious sailing again, and allow everybody the opportunity to be part of the crew of a tall ship, regardless of their ability or background.

The campaign is focussed on finding a positive future for Tenacious. It is important to learn from how Tenacious was operated in the past, both the successes and difficulties, in order to move forward successfully and find a new sustainable operating model for the future. The campaign has created a short Prospectus explaining what we’re trying to achieve and why, and also consolidated ideas and suggestions for a Sustainable business plan – but new owners will make the final decisions on how they operate the ship. Our role is to raise awareness of SV Tenacious, the only tall ship in service which was designed and built for and by disabled and non-disabled people to take them ocean sailing together.

We need to spread our message far and wide, by writing to MPs, to the media, by using social media, and personal networks. Saving Tenacious depends on finding someone who can save her, and that is what we are focused on doing. And we need everybody’s help: join our mailing list, sign the petition, contact the media, write to your MP, like the Facebook page, and get all your friends to do the same. Share your stories Рwe need to show people exactly why sailing on Tenacious makes such an impact and is so important. Together we can.